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Tomorrow night Microsoft will unveil the latest generation of its Xbox console in Redmond, Washington.

Expectations are high after Sony’s dispiriting launch of the new PS4 back in February (a tweaked controller design was on display but little else), and although there seems to be a consensus regarding the hardware specifications, Xbox spokesman Major Nelson is still promising that the Tuesday release will “mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment”.

Most analysts agree that the new console will sport an eight-core CPU from AMD running at 1.6ghz. This will be supported by 8GB of DDR3 RAM, supplemented by 32MB of ‘ESRAM’ – specialised RAM connected directly to the graphics unit. A Blu-ray drive also seems a given, as well as USB 3.0 connections and a 500GB hard drive as standard. Oddly enough, the interesting point about these specs is how unremarkable they are.

The set-up is very similar to what’s known about the PS4 and it seems that the differences between the two consoles will be more focus on media services and extras, rather than raw processing power.

Potential names for the new console have been varied, with each backed by credible-but-inconclusive proofs. ‘Xbox Fusion’ has been suggested after a slew of domain registrations; the codename ‘Project Durango’ was supported by an early leak last year, and ‘Xbox Now!’ (exclamation mark mandatory) has been the most recent suggestion.

The Now! moniker comes via an employee from Rare (a Microsoft owned games-studio) who posted the rumour on the online forum 4chan, with the name supposedly referring to the new console’s range of internet-enabled, always-on services.

The ‘Xbox Now!’ suggestion also supports the argument that the battle for supremacy amongst the new generation of consoles will be fought through media services.

A long-held rumour that the new Xbox would be ‘always-on’ has been quashed by the leak of an internal email, but no-one doubts that internet-based services will stand front-and-center tomorrow and Redmond.

Major Nelson’s promise of “TV and entertainment” suggests that Microsoft will be aiming to position the new console as a media-hub, most likely consolidating their current partnership with Netflix.

Sources at The Verge have also reported that the Xbox will receive a direct line-in for TV signals, allowing the console to overlay Xbox Live functionality during normal TV viewing.

Such a move would put Microsoft in a good position in the battle for our sitting rooms, as Google and Apple’s TV ‘solutions’ continue to stall. And all this speculation is without even considering possible games (though this will probably just be the march of the franchises – one definite reveal tomorrow will be the latest instalment of Call of Duty, ‘Ghosts’), which just shows how the console’s position in the entertainment industry has evolved, mirroring the development of the smartphone as a hardware solution absorbs different software functionality.

Source: Independent

Xbox 720 and PS4 Concept Pictures Slideshow

Xbox 720 and PS4

Xbox 720 and PS4

While Microsoft and Sony are remaining silent on details regarding their next generation consoles, the Xbox 720 and PS4 respectively, this hasn’t stopped information leaks and speculation about this future hardware. It is to be believed that Sony and Microsoft are trying to get their next generation consoles out by the end of next year, and that we will be shown something regarding the PS4 and Xbox 720 by the summer of 2013. While nothing has been has been confirmed as of yet, inside sources have delivered various small details about what is to come. We have listed a few concept photos for these systems in the slide-show above.

In an article released by Kotaku today, it is explained that Microsoft’s next generation console, which is currently being called project Durango, is showing more promise than Sony’s PS4.

Xbox 720 and PS4

Xbox 720 and PS4

The vibe I get when I hear about Durango is that Microsoft is on the mark. Sony appears to inspire less confidence, though I’ve had a hard time nailing down why and discerning how much lost confidence is due to the on-and-off troubles of the PlayStation 3 and the struggles of the Vita vs. how much lost confidence is due to any problems looming for PS4. What I do know is that confidence is high that the next Xbox will be out in time for next Christmas. Confidence is less high that Sony will pull off the same feat, though they want to.

In addition to displaying this thought, Kotaku brings up a major clue that leads to the Xbox 720 and PS4 being released next year. This is brought forward by the game reveals that have been showcased on the cover of Game Informer throughout the past two years. Observing these issues, it is evident that all of these titles will be released by early 2013. No information has been given in regards to titles that will be releasing in the the latter part of 2013.

Xbox 720 and PS4

Xbox 720 and PS4

Xbox 720 and PS4

While AMD has been taken on as the graphics supplier for next-generation consoles, this being the Xbox 720 and PS4, news has now been reported that Nvidia had previously passed on the opportunity to work on the PS4 due to the opportunity cost involved with working with this console.

As reported by GameSpot on March 14, Nvidia has stated that they chose not to work with Sony on their next-generation console, the PS4. Senior VP of content and technology at Nvidia stated “I’m sure there was a negotiation that went on, and we came to the conclusion that we didn’t want to do the business at the price those guys were willing to pay.”

“Having been through the original Xbox and PS3, we understand the economics of [console development] and the tradeoffs.”

Instead, the role has been placed upon the direct competitor of Nvidia, this being AMD. While AMD is currently going through tough financial times, the company hopes that the business involved with working on next-generation consoles such as the Xbox 720 and PS4 pay off.


Source: Examiner