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Tom Clancy’s The Division will have a single player mode according to a report by BehindGames.

The game is built around seamless online integration. Going from playing alone, to playing in a group, to playing PvP will all be handled with very little or no interruption.

We’re creating what we believe is going to be the largest and most detailed New York City ever seen in a video game and we want the player to feel like they are actually exploring the city with all its landmarks, street names and atmosphere.

We took a few creative liberties, but you’ll definitely feel you are at the heart of a chaotic New York City. In this massive open-world game, we want to give the player as much opportunity as possible to explore and live their own adventure. With the power of our engine, Snowdrop, we can take this very far.

Ubisoft has a long history of working with experts and consultants. For The Division, we have consulted with ex-CIA agents, the military, survivalists, doctors, as well as experts in this kind of scenario.

We are also lucky to have in our teams, people who have experience on these matters, which is valuable for this game. Some team members have participated in survival training to develop first-hand experience of living without the things we all take for granted like food or water.

In the game you will be able to team up with a group of friends in co-op and jump in and jump out at any time. In certain areas, you can also seamlessly engage in PvP and experience dangerous, suspenseful scenarios; but you will be able to play as a group without being exposed to PvP.

Our goal is to create the best game possible, offer the players a truly immersive game experience and make them feel like they are part of a real-life situation.

The Snowdrop engine allows us to create a universe offering a wide variety of features, such as a reactive living-world system with complex AI, procedural destruction and dynamic global illumination. We are also able to integrate more objects than ever before in the environment in order to create a devastated New York City that looks both realistic and frightening.”

According to reports in January, it looks like Tom Clancy’s The Division might miss out on a 2014 release. Ubisoft has refrained from commenting on these developments, allowing many to believe that they might just be true.

PC and next-gen console gamers are looking forward to the third-person shooter “Tom Clancy’s The Division,” which is to launch sometime during the third quarter. More details were recently unveiled about the game’s engine, Snowdrop, which is the first of its kind for a multitude of reasons.

The cutting-edge Snowdrop will also run in real time. “Each thing the creators develop needs to be instant and in-game, so that they know exactly if it will work, with no baking time. That means lightning-quick iterations. The result is the ability to develop game features faster than ever,” Massive claimed. “We built Snowdrop in a way so that the game is always playable during development.”

On March 19, Ubisoft released a new trailer that further explained the Snowdrop engine during the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco.

Last year, the company also launched a trailer during the SpikeTV VGX awards show, displaying a few shots of the engine’s innovative features. The most important is the destruction system, which will be an important part of the game’s tactical cover-based combat system. Massive stated that “the destruction effect is not pre-baked into the game; it reacts differently depending on the physical forces at play.” This means that each time an action takes place – a car explodes or a glass window shatters, it will look different – and will actually be a separate experience every time.

Another striking result of the Snowdrop engine is the lighting system, which was created to mimic film production methods. If you move an object in the game, the surrounding light will immediately react in a cohesive manner. This also applies to the time of day, as well as indoor and outdoor lighting.

The next-gen engine also gives the developers incredible accuracy and speed when creating the game’s metropolitan setting. More importantly, the city will be unified, which means that any alteration or developed feature in one area will result in an automatic change throughout the entire game – which leads to a more harmonious experience for the player.

“Tom Clancy’s The Division” will hit shelves sometime during the third quarter of 2014.

Swedish-based Massive Entertainment released the developer diary below to coincide with GDC 2014 – it shows off the engine working with The Division and highlights its ease of use for rendering and placing objects and lighting.

Also showcased is an impressive-looking tech demo of a forest area – presumably running on PC.

Tom Clancy’s The Division was originally announced at E3 2013 for launch late this year – although there was no word in Ubisoft’s recent financial briefing that this was still the case.

Ubisoft’s upcoming, highly anticipated game Watch Dogs may be finding itself in the middle of a controversy regarding its downgraded visuals right now, but the game is still a highly impressive feat by all accounts- it is a persistently online and connected open world experience unlike anything we have seen before- possibly the first true ‘next gen’ title of this console cycle.

Talking about the game on the PlayStation Blog, Ubisoft’s developers said that a lot of the game’s bold design was thanks to how powerful the PlayStation 4 is as a machine.

“PS4 has really given us the platform to build a new type of game,” Watch Dogs animation director Colin Graham said. “It gave us a chance to dream. From an animation point of view, we’re always running out of memory, especially when you start developing towards the end of a console generation, so PS4 allowed things like reduced animation compression and more variety in civilians.

“From my point of view, it’s a bit like working with an unlimited budget because we can’t fill the memory budget on PS4. It’s a really nice piece of hardware.”

He wasn’t the only one so liberal with his praise. The lead gameplay designer Danny Belanger for the title also had nice things to say about the system.

“The powerful technology helped us create a better simulation,” Belanger said. “The water effects, the amount of people in the city, the quality of the lighting… it all brings us a step forward.”

Watch Dogs is due out for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox one on May 27; a Wii U version is planned for sometime later (although Ubisoft won’t say exactly when)

Source: GamingBolt