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South by Southwest Interactive is the perfect place to promote new, cutting-edge ideas, especially if they overlap in different areas of technology. Defiance, a new video game and TV show hybrid, is a near-perfect example of how these two forms of media can interact with each other to create one unified story across different platforms.

Both a video game and a TV show, Defiance doesn’t follow the typical show-turned-game model that we’re accustomed to seeing—or even the converse game-to-show model that’s just emerging. (See Disney’s Where’s My Water as an example of that.) Instead, the story of Defiance was created to coexist between game and show. For example, Defiance will be released as a game in early April, and the show’s pilot will air on SyFy two weeks later. The first mission of the game happens before the show actually starts—the mission ends with the introduction of the main characters of the TV show, and the show picks up where the game’s first mission leaves off.

As the TV season of Defiance progresses, supplemental updates will become available for the game, so game missions will run parallel with the action and storyline of the show. When new characters are introduced in the show, they’ll show up in the game as well.

Defiance will be released as a game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 2, and the show will debut on SyFy on April 15.

Source: Techhive