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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to mobile devices in December, but it isn’t a direct port of the PS2 classic. The updated version of San Andreas features “remastered graphics including dynamic and detailed shadows, greater draw distance, an enriched color palette, plus enhanced character and car models.”

Additionally, Rockstar has included new contextual controls, a new touch-screen control scheme, controller support, and modified the checkpoint system, so you likely won’t have to restart entire missions when failing — a great design decision for a mobile game, indeed.

The best part of the announcement was that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be available on all major mobile platforms namely Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Amazon Kindle. The list of great news does not end here, because we have another good news in the list – the game will be released as soon as next month! And this time, the game will be improved, enhanced and upgraded for the mobile platform and will also includes important locations like Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas and everything in between.

San Andreas is coming to iOS, Kindle, Windows Phone, and Android devices next month. Until then, check out the various San Andreas cameos in GTA 5.

San Andreas is coming This Year.

There are so many Twitter clients on the App Store that you’d be hard pressed to make a choice. But Tweetbot is the best in our books, and the app has just got a huge update for iOS 7, with a makeover and lots of new features. But if you are an existing Tweetbot user, there’s some bad news — you’ll have to pay to get the upgrade, just like a new user. Tweetbot 3 is remade from the ground up to take advantage of iOS 7, especially the physics and the multi-tasking. Because of the enhanced multi-tasking in Apple’s latest operating system, Tweetbot 3 now comes with the ability to fetch tweets in the background. The design has had a major overhaul, as Tweetbot 3 now sports the same stark and flat look as iOS 7. It introduces gesture behaviours that make actions look fluid, like swiping a person’s contact card away.   All of the older features that are user favourites have been given a polish, including mute filters, push and inline notifications, lists, drafts and the ‘media timeline’ of just pictures. Hopefully, with all these updates, Tweetbot can finally make it to our list of the best iPhone apps. In a surprising move, developer Tapbot is pitching Tweetbot 3 as a new app, not an upgrade to the current one. This means that current users have the option of either sticking with the older Tweetbot or paying $2.99 for the new app — and that’s an introductory price which will go up to $4.99 soon. Download Tweetbot 3 from the iTunes App Store.

The month of March is not over, but statistics show the Android mobile operating system is trouncing Apple worldwide.

According to StatCounter Global Stats, Google’s mobile platform has reached double figures ahead of Apple’s iOS for March 2013.

With 37.16 percent, Android is topping the mobile operating system market share. The early March numbers do show an increase in usage compared to February, which accounted for 36.9 percent of the market share.

Apple’s iOS saw a slight decrease in the mobile market share from 27.21 percent in February to 27.2 percent this month.

According to StatCounter’s maps, the Android platform is widely used in China, Mexico, Russia, across South America, the Middle East, and most of Eastern Europe. Usage of Apple’s mobile operating system is popular in Australia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States.

(Photo Credit: StatCounter Global Stats).

In the U.S., the tables are turned in Apple’s favor. The iOS market share reached 52.44 percent this month while Android accounted for 40.05 percent. Series 40, BlackBerry OS, and Windows Phone rounded the top five, respectively with less than two percent.

The Android market share in the U.S. is not breaking news for companies such as Samsung.Samsung Electronics Co. CEO J.K. Shin told the Wall Street Journal about his company’s position in the country.

“Innovation is what will get consumers to buy new devices. I don’t dwell on market share numbers, but I’m not satisfied with our market share in the U.S,” said Shin.

The Samsung CEO, however, still considers the South Korean-based organization as a “global player” in both the smartphone market and as a global company.

Source: Latinospost