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Rockstar’s  Red Dead Redemption  is one of the best around and fans are expecting Rockstar to create a sequel to this highly successful franchise.

Rockstar’s only just brought out its latest game, but it’s already thinking of releasing another episode of another title, according to info gleaned from the LinkedIn profile of a senior engineer from Rockstar Games.

GTA 5 has been out for a couple of months now, so this “famous IP” is unlikely to be GTA 6. Many are looking at the Red Dead Redemption franchise, and this makes a lot of sense. We’d all love to see Red Dead Redemption 2, and if the leak is right, we might see it by next autumn.

So, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be out on the next-generation machines, and we will probably see Rockstar bringing out its unique brand of graphics into an open world display.




Grand Theft Auto V‘s critical and commercial success has put pressure on Ubisoft’s own open-world game Watch Dogs, Benchmark Company analyst Mike Hickey has said.

Speaking with The New York Times, Hickey said Ubisoft decision to delay Watch Dogs was understandable because delivering an experience that did not meet gamers’ expectations could have been detrimental to the brand.

“The success of Grand Theft Auto V has put a lot of pressure on Watch Dogs,” Hickey said. “They want it to be their next big franchise.”

GTAV generated a record-breaking $800 million in 24 hours and more than $1 billion in its first three days. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot addressed the “GTA effect” this week, saying games like GTAV can actually have a positive impact on competing products like Watch Dogs.

“Each time there’s a megablockbuster that takes lots of sales, it has an impact around it for sure,” Guillemot said. “There’s a positive and negative effect. The positive one is that it’s actually pushing lots of players to come back to their machine and play. So it generally has a positive impact on the games that come after because those guys want more now that they’ve experimented with a very good quality game,” he added. “So we can now expect a positive effect after the launch.”

Guillemot said delaying Watch Dogs will allow the game to have “far bigger potential.”

“The company made the right decision,” Hickey added. “They could have put out a lower-quality game, but it’s best to wait to get it right.”

BMO Capital Markets analyst Edward Williams agreed.

“You only get one chance to make a first impression with gamers,” Williams said. “The delays bring into question the original timeline put forward by Ubisoft, but they want to give it the best opportunity for sustained success.”

Following Ubisoft’s announcement of Watch Dogs and The Crew delays this week, the company’s share value plunged more than 30 percent, the most in company history. Ubisoft expects to book a loss of up to $95 million for the year, compared to previous estimations for a profit of $170 million for the same period.

Source: Gamespot

Originally set for March, Rockstar recently announced that the GTA V release date would be put back to September. This is pretty dissapointing for anyone who was waiting for the game, and many fans showed there dislike of the move but complaining vehemently – to no effect of course. Rockstar were accused of moving the date so as not to collide with publisher-stablemate Biosock Infinite; however, the developer simply claims that GTA 5 wasn’t ready for launch at this time.

One silver lining of the delay is that Rockstar gave a precise date for the release – September the 17th. Now that’s a Tuesday, which is the traditional day for game releases in the US. Given it’s such a huge title we’d expect UK retailers to also launch on the Tuesday (as they did with Black Ops 2) rather than a traditional Friday release. So September the 17th it is.

GTA 5 release date
Sadly, not the release date anymore

A release later in the year is likely to have some of its hype stolen by upcoming next-gen console releases, see our PS4 release date, specs & price rumours and Xbox 720 release date, specs & price rumours for more details.

On the plus side, the extra development time may be to ensure that prettied-up, next-gen versions of GTA 5 are available for the new consoles from the off. Although Take-Two CEO has been careful not to stoke the fire on that one, as it could only damage sales of the game if gamers belive a superior version is in the pipeline.

At present GTA 5 has only been announced on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. PC and Wii U version have not yet been confirmed.




There have been two trailers to date for GTA 5. You can watch both (again) below. Both trailers have sky-high production values, with excellent soundtracks and voice acting, and it looks like Rockstar have once again raised the bar for games in these departments.

On the evidence of the first trailer alone Draw distances are remarkable, especially if they can be recreated on current-gen hardware. And some of the huge backdrops look too true to be real, can you actually scale those mountains (20 secs in on the first video) or are they merely set-dressing at the edge of the world of San Andreas. Texture details and geometry are also mind-bogglingly impressive for a world this big. As are the smoke effects seen in the plane spray seen at 42 seconds in. We were also pleased to see animated elements, such as the oil well at 1:04.

The second trailer introduces the game’s trio of main playable characters. increasing the number of core characters in the game is a great idea, as GTA 4 suffered from having to fit one character to too numerous dramatic roles – you had to believe that Niko Bellic would worry over killing one man, one minute and then go on a killing rampage the next; that he cared about friends and girlfriends, but was also a moody loner.

The three new characters – ex-gangster Michael, his psycho former partner Trevor, and young repo man Franklin – allow for a far greater variety of missions. And hopefully a far better narrative, with a small cast of key characters – think a good HBO show, rather than a star-led Hollywood movie.

In between missions you’ll be able to switch characters freely to explore and undertake non-character specific tasks. The dating is gone, thank god, but activities include triathlons, Jet Skiing, base-jumping, tennis, golf and scuba diving – with a fully-detailed ocean floor for the latter.




We’ll be updating this section as more news becomes available




There’s little hard information available on GTA 5’s gameplay beyond what we’ve seen in the trailers. Of course, it’s a GTA game so we can expect the usual blend of driving, shooting and missions, along with various aforementioned activities.

A long list of cars and other vehicles was discovered in the game code for Max Payne 3. You can find a full list at

Other gameplay nuggets include:

– A gameworld that’s bigger than anything Rockstar has done before.

– Apparently the characters will work together in some missions, and you’ll be able to switch between them to undertake different roles. Those switches look to be pre-determined, as a away of cutting out having to travel from one piece of action and the next, for high-octane continuous thrills.

– When you’re not controlling them they’ll go about their day-to-day business on their own – which may not be as mundane as you might first imagine.

Plenty to get exited about then, and we’ll be updating this article as we get closer to the release date.

Source: ExpertReview