Factors to consider while choosing the best laptop for students

Posted: March 6, 2014 by Areeb Fazli in Technology


Laptops are rapidly becoming the norm when it comes to modern day education. From the school going kids to the ones pursuing higher professional courses in college, everyone needs a personal laptop for different purposes. They are useful for taking down notes, conducting research, completing assignments and also for browsing through social networking sites. The laptops currently available in the market offer a plethora of features to maximize usage on a daily basis. However, buying a student laptop that satisfies all your individual needs can be tricky.

If you are someone who wishes to purchase the best student laptop, then following factors should be taken into consideration.

A powerful battery life

The first thing that you need to look for when buying a laptop is its battery life. If you start out for the most part of the day, then it is essential that you go for something that stays charged for 8 hours or more. This is because, given the fact that you are a student, the chances of being able to charge your laptop during the day are scant. College grads have to access the Internet for one thing or the other. This means surfing the web over a Wi-Fi network. So you are pretty much left at the mercy of the laptops battery, to get through the day.
If you purchase a laptop with better battery life, then the need to carry around a bulky charger with you is also eliminated. The usage pattern for a laptop varies from user to user. Hence, it is important that you also manage your laptops battery efficiently. The brightness can be reduced to an acceptable level. Also, refrain using the laptop for activities like gaming unless you are assured of being able to charge it. Intel’s 4th generation core processor has made immense advancements in battery conservation for longer usage.

Easy portability

Portability is an aspect that can’t be looked over for a laptop. Students carry a whole lot of things in their backpacks. Add a laptop to the mix, and he/she is sure to feel the burden. Lighter laptops are easy for travel with and can be carried around from one classroom to another without any problems.

You are in the clear if you are able to find a laptop that weighs less than 2 kg. However, if you’d rather go for stability then buying a slightly heavy laptop is also an option? The latest MacBook Air and Intel’s Ultra book are constantly striving to design lighter laptops for everyday use.

Robust design

Students constantly move around with their bags slung on one shoulder and forget the precious cargo stored inside. So if they do a lot of running about with a laptop in their stride, then it is obvious that the device will get roughed up. Therefore, while buying a laptop, it is important that you look for something that has a rugged design. A sturdy easy-to-use keypad will also be a plus.

The solid-state drives (SSD) are much more durable in that respect as compared to mechanical hard drives (HDD). These are also helpful when retaining the data stored on the laptop. Using a protective sleeve for you laptop is also a precautionary way of keeping dents and bumps at bay.

The operating system should match your requirements

While most students can make do with the basic MAC or Windows operating system and its functions, students pursuing professional courses like art students, graphic designers, writers and dramatics majors usually need more than what the average laptop offers. So it is essential for such students to do a thorough research on which operating system can support the software that you need to run on your laptop. You will also need to see whether the software can support your favorite gaming platform. Being able to watch HD movies and listen to music is an added bonus.

Easy connectivity

Another thing that is imperative when buying a laptop online or from an electronics store is that it should offer superior connectivity at all times. As mentioned before, students constantly need to access the Internet over a Wi-Fi network for research, sending Emails and much more. Therefore, the laptop should be able to easily connect to the nearest Wi-Fi router and should also be compatible with the universal 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN system. Check whether the laptop has provision for a wired connection in the absence of a wireless network. After all, better connectivity means getting the job done faster.


All the parameters mentioned above should help students to make a detailed decision on buying a suitable laptop for their education needs. One can buy the ideal laptop online or hunt for one in an electronics store. Either ways, buying a laptop is no child’s play and should be given a lot of thought by the student or his/her parents.

To sum it all up:

This blog talks about the different factors that can help a student purchase a laptop for educational, as well as recreational purposes.

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