[ROM] UNOFFICIAL Dirty Unicorns 4.3.1 Full Guide

Posted: February 20, 2014 by Areeb Fazli in Android

Rom Information

This ROM is based on the Android Open Kang Project (AOKP). The idea to start a ROM based off AOKP with added features for us was started out of curiosity and boredom. We started compiling ROMs for personal use and later started sharing them. After sharing it with a few people, we decided to take it a step further and fine tune the way we do things. Since then, is been nothing but fun and a true learning experience for all of us involved. We’ve received high praise from not only users but fellow developers of other ROMs that enjoy seeing things done the right way. Our 4.2.2 version made it onto various devices to include the HTC One, Galaxy Nexus, HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO LTE, Nexus 4 and some other devices. We hope to do the same with our 4.3 version.

Rom Features

– Facebook Sync Hack
– Expanded desktop
– Hot Reboot Option
– Ribbons (AOKP)
– Customizable Quick Settings
– Custom “BAMF” Theme engine
– Customizable power menu (Torch, Profiles, etc)
– Customizable lockscreen buttons and sliders
– Missed call breathing notifications
– App Ops access in Settings
– CM Powerwidget
– CM Profiles
– CM apps (Apollo, DSPManager, CMFileManager, etc)
– SlimROMs TRDS (built in theme in settings)
– SlimROMs Statusbar Clock options
– Transparent Statusbar and NavBar Options
– Halo from Paranoidandroid
– Halo bubble color changer
– Halo size changer
– Multi-user support
– Customizable Softkeys
– 24+ Battery options
– Network speed indicator in statusbar
– Koush Superuser
– Nav Bar customizations
– Host file switcher (ad-free switch)
– Build Propper
– Active Display (Moto X notifications)
– Wakelock blocker
– Suspend Actions (power saving mod)
– ListView Animations
– Custom System Animations
– Swipe to Switch in RC (toggle)
– Lockscreen Tint Color Mod
– Weather Panel
– Change lockscreen wallpaper
– OTA updates via DU Updater
– Custom BusyDialog
– Advanced Low Battery Indicator options
– Music/Halo toggle/tiles
– ScreenShot QuickTrash
– MIUI-like carrier in statusbar
– Paranoidandroid PIE
– Recents Shortcut bar
– Color Changing PhaseBeam LWP
– Much More, just look in Settings and ENJOY!!!

– Much more customization (just flash and get Dirty)

– Believe it or not, this ROM has even more stuff than PAC?!  (includes multiwindow support like the Galaxy S Series phones) See here


v4.0 – Kernel Source
v4.0 – Device Tree

How to Flash the Rom and Gapps

Make sure you are on an UNLOCKED bootloader
– Have a custom recovery (TWRP) or (CWM)
– Wipe /data (or cache and dalvik cache if you are coming from an older version).
– Move the ROM zip to your phone
– Flash it and reboot
– Once the ROM boots, reboot back into recovery
– Flash the recommend GAPPS and ENJOY!!

Required Downloads



Known Issues

Same bugs as Cyanogenmod
– FM Radio
– LTE? -works in some areas, doesn’t in others.
– Change navigation bar height


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