Xperia SP 12.1.A.0.266 firmware Android 4.3 Rolling Now Officially

Posted: February 15, 2014 by Areeb Fazli in Android
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After ages Sony has now officially rolled Android 4.3 12.1.A.0.266 firmware for Xperia SP, just now saw it. 12.1.A.0.266 firmware was certified more than 10 days ago and as promised a bit late Sony is rolling it now. Sony has already rolled android 4.3 firmware for Xperia Z1, Z Ultra, Z, ZL, ZR, Tablet Z a lot ago and still it is awaited for Xperia T, TX and V. No official statement on Sony’s blog has come up regarding 12.1.A.0.266 firmware update rolling.

At present Android 4.3 12.1.A.0.266 firmware is confirmed on Xperia SP C5303 in Malaysia, Australia ( Vodafone AU ), UK, Greece, Central Europe, Netherlands, Bulgaria region over PC Companion, available over SUS also. No OTA for 12.1.A.0.266 firmware seen yet. In India on Xperia SP C5302 no 12.1.A.0.266firmware update notification not seen yet. 12.1.A.0.266 firmware is still seedingand will be soon rolled out in other regions also.

 Xperia SP 12.1.A.0.266 firmware update

Xperia SP 12.1.A.0.266 firmware About Phone

  • Phone – Xperia SP C5303
  • Android – 4.3
  • firmware Build – 12.1.A.0.266
  • Kernel – 3.4.0
  • Baseband Version – 8960A-AAAAATAZQ-40031007-16

Xperia SP 12.1.A.0.266 firmware changelog / Screenshots 

  • White UI is seen exactly like other Xperia handsets have on android 4.3 update.
  • New Sony Smart Camera app.
  • New Sony media apps with updated versions.
  • New downloadable Xperia themes.
  • New Xperia stock wallpapers and themes.
  • New Xperia Home launcher.
  • UI is a lot smooth.

Download 12.1.A.0.266 ftf for Xperia SP 

For C5303 LTE AU

Download C5303_12.1.A.0.266_Generic AU.ftf | 812 MB
[ via antkalaitzakis96 ]

Download C5303_12.1.A.0.266_Australia Generic.ftf | 813 MB
[ via Patrol619 ]

Download C5303_12.1.A.0.266_Australia Generic.ftf | 812 MB
[ via krump_lee ]

For C5303 Central Europe LTE

Download C5303_12.1.A.0.266_Central European 1 CE1.ftf
[ via MrZender ]

 For C5302 India HSPA+ Global Users

Download C5302_12.1.A.0.266_1272-3116_R2B.ftf
[ via Badhan Ganesh ]

How To Root And Install CWM

[ROM] UNOFFICIAL Dirty Unicorns 4.3.1 Full Guide


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