Gaming More Than Games

Posted: February 15, 2014 by Areeb Fazli in Games

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Games can be more than just “games”. Games have been used for different things – and for reasons other than teenagers and young men wanting to shoot each other’s army into oblivion on a multiplayer map. I use them to help me stave away depression and deal with chronic pain. Others have used them as a basis for scientific research of team play, reflex action, etc. Many introverted people use them as a way of coming out into a form of social interactivity they cannot otherwise manage.

Cancer Research has decided to use gaming to help them analyse a mass amount of data, using everyone and anyone with an iOS or Android device.

With this Cancer Research have done something innovative and amazing: They created a game that proves to all of us who already know this – playing games can mean more than mindlessly shooing people in COD multiplayer…

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