Will Google Glass be a big deal in education?

Posted: February 11, 2014 by Areeb Fazli in Technology

Education Tech


Finding Google Glass is like searching for a biography of Darwin in a creationism museum;  unlikely to happen, but if you do stumble upon one and decide to have a look, everyone is sure to yell at you.  Most stories on national media I’ve seen focus on the privacy issues with the video.  Legitimate concern of course, but this has been a problem with smart phones for a long time.  The up-skirt pervs would certainly be apprehended much quicker if they spent their days lying on sidewalks.

The technical specs bring out some important limitations.  They are not recommended for kids under 13 as they may damage developing eyesight, so this eliminates a huge segment in education.  They may also be a problem for those who’ve had Lasik surgery, which is a large number.  They provide no eye protection, so would not be usable on many jobs, and…

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