DayZ – Friendly Encounter

Posted: February 11, 2014 by Areeb Fazli in Technology

Very Busy Gamers

First, I’ve gotta say this game has devoured pretty much all of my free time the past week.  When I was signing out a few minutes ago I had logged 30 hours so far.  I like the game so much that I actually made Heather buy a copy too.  We’ve been playing together quite a bit in the regular servers and have geared up quite nicely.  Today however, I’ve been playing on a hardcore server (first-person only) and it was proving very difficult until I met Phil.

After an hour or so of running around looking for supplies, my guy was coming very close to starving to death.  I think the most recent update must’ve made food spawn less often because it’s way harder to find now (in my brief experience anyway).  I made it to a town that looked promising and I found nothing but rotten fruit, two hats…

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