Apple Inc. iPhone 6 Rumors to Feature Solar Charging

Posted: January 28, 2014 by Areeb Fazli in IOS, Technology
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With Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) having just released their sales figures from October to December last year, many fans of their products are already looking forward to a release that can be expected later this year. The chance of a year passing by without a new iPhone release is pretty slim nowadays, and sure enoughthe iPhone 6 is due to hit the shops at some point later this year.

May / June unveiling?

However, already there is some disagreement on when we can expect to see this new Apple smartphone offering. It had been proposed quite recently that the iPhone 6 would launch about a month or so before Christmas, or certainly in the last quarter of the year, in line with previous smartphone releases from the corporation. But it now seems that this estimate might have been misguided, and that we can probably expect the iPhone 6 sooner than that, and quite possibly considerably sooner.

There are already rumors circulating that the iPhone 6 may surface as early as May or June. Obviously this would be considerably earlier than previous offerings, which have usually been announced by Apple around September or October. It seemed inevitable that this would occur again with the iPhone 

iPhone 6 Display rumors intensify

Meanwhile, some of the facets of the new device that were previously rumors now seem to have a more solid basis in reality. The first of these is the screen used in the iPhone 6, which now looks certain to be a sapphire display. Apparently, the Chinese manufacturer Foxconn Technology Co., Ltd. (TPE:2354) has already begun producing iPhones with sapphire displays according to the Taiwanese media, and the company is expected to make 100 iPhone units with this cover display glass. 

iPhone 6 Feature Solar Charging

Apple, a tech firm best known for its innovations, after introducing a fingerprint sensor in its iPhone 5s, is rumoured to be integrating solar panels into the sapphire glass screen on its next iPhone.

It has been mentioned that Apple filed a patent back in February 2013 which included the use of touch sensors and solar panel. The patent however, failed to mention how the technology works in detail. A follow-up patent made it clearer, mentioning that the touch screen panel included a power management system that takes power from solar panels.

The firm’s opening for the post of Thin Films Engineer with solar experience further confirmed the news followed by Apple’s new manufacturing unit opened in Arizona in partnership with mineral crystal specialist GT Advanced Technologies Inc.

Apple also announced that it would spend $10.5 billion in capital expenditures, including “cutting edge lasers” that are being speculated to be used for “scribing” the microchannels on solar cells. An order of $68 million for solar cell coating equipment from Manz AG is also being attributed to either Apple or Samsung.

A recent report by PhoneArena states that Foxconn, a major manufacturer for several Apple products, has reportedly assembled 100 iPhone prototypes including with a sapphire glass screen. The firm is said to rely on two companies for its sapphire material which are responsible in providing material for the iPhone 5s’ rear camera and TouchID Sensor- Synopsys and Bern Optics.

With the patents, GT Advanced Technologies partnership and Foxconn prototype rumours, Apple is quite likely to use sapphire and solar charging in its devices in future, and one can expect the next iPhone or iWatch to come with the same in or around September-October 2014


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