Battlefield 4 problems force stop to Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge 2

Posted: December 6, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Games


Developer DICE has claimed it’s stopped work on all ‘future projects’ while it tries to fix Battlefield 4’s disintegrating online mode.

The continuing, and indeed escalating, problems with Battlefield 4 has caused DICE to stop work on all other projects, including apparently Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge 2.

‘First, we want to thank the fans out there that are playing and supporting us with Battlefield 4’, said DICE in a prepared statement.

‘We know we still have a ways to go with fixing the game — it is absolutely our No. 1 priority.  The team at DICE is working non-stop to update the game.

‘Since Battlefield 4 China Rising expansion pack was already in the final stages of development by the time issues began with Battlefield 4, we decided to fulfill our promise to deliver it this week, but we’re not moving onto future projects or expansions until we sort out all…

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