Why PC is a better Gaming Platform Than the Next Gen Consoles

Posted: December 2, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology

With both highly-anticipated next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft  now sitting on etailer’s shelves, games as we know it are about to change. There’s no denying that the console market has, for a number of years, dictated how the graphics in modern games is developed and in many cases, the PC was left with mere ports of games that high-end models could run with their eyes shut – if PC’s had eyes that is.

To be fair, though, AMD has included a number of optimizations that will mean that the new consoles are faster than the aforementioned PC equivalents. The PS4 for example, uses GDDR5 memory whereas the A4-5000 processor mentioned earlier is reliant on a PC or laptop’s slower DDR 3 memory.

Then there’s the issue of 4K. PC’s are already gaming happily at 4K – the successor to 1080p or HD, and while you need a pretty pricy PC to do it – easily seven times the price of a PS4, this will come down drastically in future as PC hardware manufactures gear their products to deal with the new ultra-high resolution.

Price-wise, yes the PS4 and Xbox One are cheaper than a high-end PC, but using AMD’s desktop APUs instead of separate processors and graphics cards will limit the price of a PC to around that of the PS4 and allow you to play many games at 720p or 1080p. For example, combining an AMD A10-6800K, 4GB of RAM and a modest-sized hard disk but still opting for a good case and power supply will keep the cost to well below $450. In addition, you can then easily upgrade the PC when funds allow and you also have excellent gaming platforms such as Steam and Origin to play with too.

Source: Forbes




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