In First 24 Hours Microsoft Sold Over 1 Million Xbox One.

Posted: November 28, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology


According to the Company, Microsoft has Sold Over 1 Million the day of Launch of the Next Gen Consoles..


Corporate Vice President  of  Marketing and Strategy  Yusuf Mehd, said “they are humbled and grateful to see how excited the fans were.” Seeing that many fans lined up to get their Xbox One and, Games was a special experience for all of the Xbox Team Members. We are working hard to fill the Holiday wish list.

    On Friday Nov. 22 ND Xbox One was released to Thirteen  different markets. While Sony PS4 was released in only three different Markets and, sold the same amount as Xbox One did. Both were launched in the USA which is considered to be the number  market from a commercial standpoint.

 Microsoft, has reported that they are almost sold out, and are in overdrive to get more shipments out to stores for the Holiday…

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