PS4 Launch

Posted: November 19, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology

Super Romo Brothers

I’ve only been part of one system launch on day 1 before and that was the PS2 and it wasn’t even for me.  This was quite a different experience.  The PS2 was many hours waiting outside a Best Buy in some chilly fall weather in Wisconsin.  This time I simply entered a Gamestop months ago, put some money down, and was added to the preorder list.

If wondering why I didn’t mention this preorder sooner, I’ll simply say that I was being silly in not wanting to jinx it.  We are out of credit card debt but we still keep a budget and while it fit in with months planning, it wouldn’t take more than one unexpected surprise to kick it to the curb for something needed more.  Sounds silly as if there is a difference between talking about it or not but like many sport fans, I have my…

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