This Week in Tech: Android Jelly Bean’s Share on the Rise, Nexus 8 Rumours and more

Posted: November 4, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology

Buzz 'n Blare

“This Week in Tech” is back with the sixth instalment of the series and this week, like previous issues, we bring to you the latest and greatest tech-world news, views, updates, rumours and brief analysis. This week we will be talking about Android Jelly Bean’s rising market share, Nexus 8 rumours, issues with Mac OS X Mavericks, latest Android apps (with a bonus camera app for iOS and Android) and more.



Google details the estimated market share for the devices running on different versions of its popular Android operating system on a weekly basis. According to the latest statistics posted for the 7-day period that ended on November 1st, adoption for the Jelly Bean distribution (v4.1–v4.3) is on the rise globally with a total of 52.1%. (The method for calculating the statistics, according to Google, is based on Play Store visits, hence the…

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