Next Gen Release

Posted: November 2, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology

Xavier Edwards

With the PS4 and Xbox One release dates looming ever closer, I feel a very familiar sense of excitement similar to anticipating a birthday or Christmas. New toys are always fun and I’ll be playing these for years to come. And while I do look forward to playing the latest and (potentially) greatest titles, I am, admittedly, more interested in playing with the different XMB, media and general user experiences each console has to offer. This is especially true with Sony’s PS4. Now, I am quite fond of my PS3 but readily admit that its current user experience was very long in the making. In these few weeks before its successor is released, the system still receives updates, albeit small ones, that are meant to connect it with other Sony devices. But even now, the Xbox 360 feels much more communal simply because of little features like party chat and…

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