Next Gen – The Game Changer?

Posted: October 28, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology


As a gamer in my mid twenties I have witnessed no less than three console generations. N64 v PS1 and Dreamcast being the earliest I remember. We had 3D graphics and compact discs to look at. This was followed by the Gamecube v PS2 and the arrival of Xbox. Some people recognise this generation as when things really changed, console gaming over the internet with Xbox Live laying the foundations for the current generation. So then we have the Wii v PS3 and Xbox 360 they brought us HD gaming, Wii-motes, Gamer Tags and made Call of Duty the best thing since sliced bread, then after finally maxing out console capabilities a new era is on the horizon. The Wii U has already launched and the PS4 and Xbox One are due next month, what will the game changer be this time round?

Since the last console launch social media…

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