COD Ghosts – Extinction Mode Leaked

Posted: October 28, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Games

Next-Gen Xbox News


Recent COD games have followed the formula of featuring 3 main modes: The Campaign, The Multiplayer and then a bonus mode of sorts.

Nazi Zombies is obviously the most well-known, however previous years have seen Spec Ops and Survival modes too. In Ghosts, it looks like we will be battling alien lifeforms in new mode, Extinction.

Naturally very little is known about this mode yet, however Reddit user, smtkz has posted up a series of screenshots to Imgur (, which include some of the menus, a few blurry shots of the game in action and confirmation the game will feature a series of challenges.

Personally I really like when they throw in extras like this. My Wife doesn’t really enjoy the highly competitive online modes, however we have had great fun in the past playing Nazi Zombies, etc in split screen co-op. Hopefully this new mode proves just…

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