Once You Go Mac, You’ll Never Go Back

Posted: October 27, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology

a blind kitten and a drop of milk


Yes, Pengkek. I’m quoting you.

Finally! I finally welcome home this new gadget of mine, Macbook Air 13″!

So after about a year of eyeing on this thing, I finally have my first Mac, which is also my third Apple after the iPadmini and iPhone5. Despite it being the third, this is actually the first Apple product that I have admired, loooong before iPad/iPhone, but it turns out to be the last one bought after those two. Hehe. Simply because this costs the most money compared to iPad and iPhone so I had to do a lot of thinking to get this. Now that I have it, I gotta say that it’s worth every cent paid. Yes, really! Wee… I’m just so exciting and yes folks, I’m now on this new baby, blogging about it.

Actually, I already had a Sony Vaio S Series laptop that I ‘accidentally’ bought…

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