Sony Gets Specific About Its 300MB PlayStation 4 Launch-Day Update

Posted: October 25, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology


Sony‘s first public system update for the PlayStation 4 — listen up, tent-campers-to-be! — will pack a host of goodies, including several essential features you’ll need to use the system online.

Dubbed version 1.50, Sony says it’ll be available at system launch in North America on November 15. They’re not specifying what time, but I’d imagine by or before midnight ET Thursday night/Friday morning to avoid angering a bunch of cold — and if you live somewhere it snows and it’s dumping that big, wet kind of snow, bedraggled — gamers who’ve spent most of the day and half the night standing in lines.

It’s not clear from Sony’s press release whether the update adds or merely enables the following features, or whether Sony’s just enumerating the things you’ll be able to do from day one, but we’re talking about a hefty 300MB patch here, meaning some or all…

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