Things are getting scary…

Posted: October 24, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology


Something I find troubling about this ‘Internet of Things’ is the ramifications this may have on our security and privacy. With an ever- increasing connectivity of our objects and devices all communicating with each other and ourselves, what happens when there is a breakdown or interruption to this communication?Image

Examples of devices already incorporating aspects of this technology are security cameras and baby monitors. They can be connected to the Internet through mobile devices and your home computer for efficient access and 24 hour/day access. Problems arose however when US security company Trendnet, who make home and business security cameras and hardware, were hacked and over 700 users’ live camera feeds were accessed. Many of these videos were published on the Internet, questioning Trendnet’s representation as ‘secure’.

If cameras can be accessed illegally by anyone, maybe there is a possibility for more future ‘connected’ things to be hacked by…

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