PC vs Console gaming.. PC any day, any time, any where…

Posted: October 24, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology

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This is a debate which stirs up a lot of feelings, kinda like the iOS/android debate. Any misinformed person will jump on you and say. “Oh noooo, nothing can beat an xbox in graphics… Boo Hoo Hoo”…. Well no, you are wrong..

This particular quarter has been(And is still being, forgive the poor grammar on that statement) a real good time for gamers. We are in the middle of a full blown genocide GPU war between NVIDIA and AMD(Which I will talk about in my next article), we have seen so much innovation and additional tech both hardware and software that is just gonna make it all better for us gamers(MANTLE, ,Steam goodies, G-SYNC, 4K, DirectX 11.2 etc.), great video game titles coming up. And I mean great and exciting. Don’t worry console gamers, there is also a lot for you. PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE coming up in the…

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