LG Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Sony Xperia Z1 : Get the most out of your Mobile

Posted: October 23, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Android, Technology
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Sony Xperia Z1 and the upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone are packed with heavy hardware and features. However, the ultimate power can only be obtained you if are a certified administrator, and to become one, you need to know the benefits of Root Access on your device.

Root Access makes a user an administrator which means, everything inside theAndroid device can now be controlled from software to hardware. Know the top 10 reasons why you should do it.

1. Away from Bloatware and Clutters
One main advantage of rooting is the ability to remove software clutters which can make the device slower and feel sluggish. Any apps from the network carrier or manufacturer can now be removed which is beyond the “disabling app power” found in Android Jelly Bean.

Unless you love Samsung apps or Sony Media integration, rooting your device is one of the best move there is.

2. Better Backup Creation
If your device is rooted, you can take advantage of apps which create better backups from SMS to Web browser bookmarks. Titanium Backup is one of the famous apps used by rooters to create backup files and highly recommended by custom ROM developers. In addition, root access allows you to install custom recovery such as ClockworkMod to create better ROM backups on the SD card.

3. Get Different Android OS Versions
Manufacturers are just slow with software updates which are required to be stabilised and certified first before any push occurs. But if your device is rooted, you can have instant access to available custom ROMs pushed by third party developers for your device. Moreover, it gives the device an ability to run OS versions “declared not compatible” on your smartphone.

Nexus phones, however, gets faster update unlike others, but you must have at least a Galaxy Nexus to get the latest software version due to hardware compatibility.

4. Custom ROM Accessibility
Aside from extending the life cycle of your device through Android custom ROMs, you also get additional perks such as lots of customisation, modes of personalisation, unique add-ons which you cannot find in stock ROMs, more stable firmware, tweaked battery for extended life and many more.

The best news about these custom ROMs are getting them for free, but their developers are willing to get donations so they can keep on updating and making improvements on these ROMs for you.

5. Exclusive Privilege on Apps
Not all applications on the Play Store will not allow you to use them without root access on your device. Some apps such as SetCPU for managing CPU core speeds, Titanium Backup, data syncing software and even gesture apps require root access to function on your device.

If you want to get overclocking/underclocking of the processor, absent gestures on your phone and better file managers, root your device.

6. Perfect Makeover
Perfect makeover on your Android phone requires root access to insert better customisation options without the possible need of flashing custom ROMs. Some personalisation such as changing fonts, modifying lock screen effect, using new lock screens or choosing a theme are only possible with rooted devices.

7. Memory Expansion
Although considered dangerous for root access, some devices with lower RAM can allow the SD card to emulate the same functions. There are rare cases where low-grade phones can use the SD card memory to help the RAM management. Most memory management methods are only used to transfer apps from the internal to the SD card which otherwise is not allowed by previous Android versions.

8. Blocking and Firewall
Avast Mobile Security enables protection against spyware and viruses, but the firewall feature requires root access. Some security apps can deliver total protection and blocking privilege to a rooted device.

9. Boosting the Battery
Aside from custom ROMs, apps such as Greenify needs root access to better manage the battery life on your smartphone. These apps need to go deep inside the system to determine the best power management for boosting battery life.

10. No More Ads
Ad blocking apps will need root privilege so that all annoying Web ads won’t reach your device. The non-rooted version of this is the Airplane Mode which actually sucks.

Rooting your Android smartphone or tablet brings the ultimate power and mastery; however, keep in mind that this administrator privilege will cost you something – current warranty voids out.

Source: IbTimes

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