Lg Nexus 5 Release Date & Specs

Posted: October 21, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology
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There is no question that Google’s design for the 2013 Nexus smartphone is not only to challenge the Android-based rival devices out there but also to pick a fight with Apple, making the Nexus 5 a definite foe of the recently rolled out iPhone 5S.

But what exactly this vanilla Android toys has on its armoury to back its expected skirmish with the extremely popular Apple hero phone?

A white Nexus 5

One thing going for the LG-built device, according to CNET, is the probable inclusion of a while model, which obviously is aimed to ride on the bestselling handset colour. Arguably, a pristine-cased handset catches the eyes of buyers regardless of the brand.

From the iPhone 5S to the Samsung Galaxy S4, a white-draped mobile is a sure-fire recipe for the cash register to ring incessantly so Google is stuffing the Nexus 5 with a winning formula.

Android fans could only hope that Google will let out a pristine-looking Nexus 5 that is able to warrant more than a second look when pitted with the white versions of the 5S, the GS4 and other high-end rivals.

And that is something to look forward to but besides the hue-factor, the Nexus 5 menu is actually bulging with irresistible features, confirmed and unconfirmed, some of them are listed below:

Killer camera

If indeed the Nexus 5 gets the fine prints coming from the LG G2, then its camera capabilities will of the upscale level, headlined by a 13MP primary shooter and enhancements such as optical image stabilisation. Such combo assures that the gadget will produce top-notch images and clips, regardless of the users’ capturing skills.

Jaw-dropping specs boosts

From the previous build, numerous reports seem to insist that the Google and LG are bringing giant upgrades with the new Nexus. And it is indeed huge with a 5-inch display that boasts of a 1080p screen resolution, a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 CPU that works in tandem with a 2GB of RAM and a massive battery – all conspiring for a monster phablet that dwarfs over the 5S and measures up with humungous Android phones.

Even on the storage department, Google did not scrimp. The space available would be 16GB and 32GB, which are paired with superfast Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity for the gadget to easily access the Google Drive in case users would require more room for their files. Yes, the phone is without a memory card slot like its predecessors.

Also, set to govern this year’s Nexus serving is KitKat or Android 4.4, which used to flash the codename Key Lime Pie.

Reasonable price hike

Google dangles immense improvements with the Nexus 5 and they will cost, which explains the higher price tag for the basic unit that leaked recently via the Google Play Store. The 16GB configuration will allegedly sell for $350, from last year’s $300, while the 32GB will hit the market at around $400. It is said that the latter version will carry a higher battery rating.

Release date of the LG Nexus 5 should take place in the immediate days after its supposed intro on Oct 24, pointing to a Big Day between late October and early November 2013.

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