Nokia owns 90% the Windows Phone market

Posted: October 19, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology
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AdDuplex, the largest promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8, has come up with yetanother detailed report on the Windows Phone deployment worldwide.

As it turns out Nokia Lumia smartphones running on Windows Phone 8 account for almost 90% of the entire Windows Phone 8 flock around the globe, 5 percent points more than it was in July and 3 percent points higher than in August. That’s to be expected though since the other Microsoft’s partners haven’t released many new WP handsets lately.

HTC, Samsung and Huawei are the only other manufactures to try their luck with Windows Phone 8, but given all the exposure Nokia’s WP range is getting, the Asian manufacturers stood little chance of succeeding.

The Windows Phone 8 devices breakdown shows the cheapest Lumia 520 has once again the biggest piece of the pie and its share has increased by nearly six percent points since August. The other most popular WP8 handsets are also Nokia made – Lumia 920, 620 and 720.

Given that Windows Phone 7 has been dead for over a year now, the share of devices running it is surprisingly high. As it turns out Windows Phone 8 is ticking in 70.9% of all Windows Phone devices, 5.9 percent points larger share compared to August, while its predecessor accounts for 29.1%.

Even when you factor in the WP7 devices, Nokia Lumia 520 remains still the most popular in the family, followed by Lumia 920, 620, 710 and 800.

Here are some interesting charts about the Windows Phone spread in the US, Canada, France, Ireland, Turkey, Brazil and India.

Windows Phone spread around the world

Interestingly the Nokia Lumia 1020 doesn’t appear in any chart. It has already been in the market for a few months, but despite outselling the Lumia 928 at the start of August, it seems to have failed to make an impact.

If you want to know more about this research, hit the source link below.


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