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As part of my ongoing Xbox One vs. PS4 series, I wrote recently that console games aren’t really about high-end graphics and that if that’s your priority you should just fork over the cash for a gaming rig. Not because I dislike consoles, mind you, or because I don’t care about graphics. I was simply making a statement about moptoolz

This resulted in two broad reactions from critics: I am either a Microsoft shill or a member of the PC Master Race. Or maybe both!

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Console revenues to grow 29% by 2017

Posted: October 31, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology

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Report finds Xbox One, PS4 will draw 61% of revenues from packaged goods, predicts “blood bath” for control of living room.

John Riccitiello isn’t the only one expecting a console comeback. DFC Intelligence and Live Gamer today released a new report projecting significant growth in the worldwide console market through 2017, thanks largely to the forthcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The firms expect console software revenues to jump from $18.5 billion this year to $24 billion in 2017, a jump of more than 29 percent.

The report also expects an increase in the amount of game revenue drawn from digital sources instead of packaged software, although “the high-end of the market” will still be made up mostly of offline purchases. By 2017, 36 percent of Xbox One and PS4 revenue is projected to come from digital offerings, with 61 percent still accounted for by physical goods. The remaining…

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Blockbuster has gone bust again – and seems to be cancelling all pre-orders for PlayStation 4 consoles.

Blockbuster Video store 

Blockbuster has gone into administration for the second time this year – and have apparently cancelled all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One pre-orders.

Despite a statement that says “all stores will continue trading as normal,” Blockbuster have confirmed on Twitter that they will not be completing any pre-orders made through their stores.

The tweet said: “we can’t fulfil any Xbox One or PS4 pre-orders at this time.”

In-store staff have said they cannot confirm what is happening with pre-orders, but it seems store managers are being told pre-orders cannot be honoured.

@JackInTheBox05 We are sorry that you will be disappointed and that we can’t fulfil any xboxone or PS4 pre-orders at this time.

— Blockbuster UK (@Blockbuster_UK) October 29, 2013

Gaming fans will now have to re-order their consoles from other outlets…

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