Naughty Dog to retain The Last of Us engine for PS4 games

Posted: June 1, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Games
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In transitioning from PS3 to PS4 development, Naughty Dog will use its current in-house engine that powers PS3 game The Last of Us. Naughty Dog game director Bruce Straley says this is in contrast to the studio’s strategy transitioning from PS2 to PS3, where the developer scrapped its competent Jak & Daxter engine in favor of an entirely new one for the first Uncharted game.

“We scrapped everything at the beginning of Uncharted 1, and we had a perfectly good engine with the Jak & Daxter franchise,” Straley tells Digital Spy. “We could have started with something there and then built off of it and only changed the pieces and parts as we needed, when we needed. And that really caused a lot of turmoil.” Naughty Dog will now make modular adjustments to its existing tech as needed for story and game design.

The Last of Us launches on PS3 June 14. A season pass was announced earlier this week, marking Naughty Dog’s first foray into single-player DLC content.

 Source: Digital Spy

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