Creating image hot spots in Android

Posted: May 14, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Android


A typical example is creating a map of a country and clicking on a state, brings us some info about the city. For beginners, each clickable part of the image is called hotspot

While this is very common and easy to do in HTML, its slightly different and interesting in Android.

A typical idea I came up with is, to create transparent image buttons and implant them in a relative layout, in positions corresponding to the part of the image you want to click.

But I came across this interesting solution, where some one has created a widget called image map,

All you need to pass is

1. The image for which u want to create hotspots Eg: A map whose different areas should be clickable

2. The polygon coordinates for the different areas that you want to make clickable. Ok, wonder how to get polygon coordinates for an area…

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