Microsoft’s Vision for Windows across all devices?

Posted: May 9, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Android, Technology

Wayward Strategist

People that know mw know that I’m a Windows guy. I use for email, Bing as my search engine, I have a Windows 8 Phone, I have Windows 8 on my personal computer as well as my work laptop, and I have a Surface RT which was a Christmas gift. Shoot, at work I even administer, provide branding for, and train users in our (Microsoft) SharePoint 2010 environment. Until recently, I had an Office 365 site which I used for testing purposes.

So, one could say I’m pretty invested in Microsoft’s vision for business productivity and entertainment. I have (actual) reasons for why I use these products and services. I don’t pretend that they’re necessarily the best for everyone, but they work fine for me for the most part. The point of this post isn’t to pitch these services to anyone. I can do that later if there’s any interest (doubt…

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