Posted: April 1, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Technology

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I never played the original BioShock, for some bizarre reason it just passed me by, but I did recently play BioShock 2 (thank you PlayStation+) and the experience completely blew me away. Now I know that 2 is nothing compared to the original, at least in terms of story, but the core mechanics of the game married with the amazing setting of Rapture immediately grabbed me and never let me go. I enjoyed it so much that I went down to my local GAME store and preordered Infinite.

Infinite differs from the previous two in many ways with the most striking being the setting. Gone are the dark hallways of the underwater utopia of Rapture and in its place is the floating city of Columbia, a haven for Christian Americans who wish to escape the sodom below. What both settings share in common though is the theme of a utopia…

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