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How to Improve the Performance and Battery of Android Mobile

Last week  I came to know about Greenify on Google Play so I installed it in my Samsung Galaxy. It really gave me a surprise performance and battery backup. How does Greenify provide better performance and less lagging? Greenify hibernate the application those are running in background after the screen goes to off (when devices is sleeping). But those app should be added to the list for hibernate in Greenify by the user i.e Greenify doesn’t  perform add the application automatically.

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IT affinity!

Due to license restrictions, Google’s proprietary applications (Play, Talk, YouTube, etc.) don’t come pre-installed with Android custom roms.

That leaves you with two options:

  1. Being happy you got rid of all the bloatware, effectively achieving a “google-free” android.
  2. Google-ify your custom rom by installing the complete “google stack” (GApps) separately.

But what if you prefer the google-free alternative but you purchased apps on Google Play before and want to keep using them?

Or maybe you just realized after hours of searching that a lot of apps cannot be found on other app stores?

You have no choice but to reinstall Google Play. However, using the GApps package as is, results in a bunch of apps and frameworks you don’t need, if you only want to have Play.

So the least thing you can do is to only install the apps/services you really need, avoiding the bloatware mentioned…

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If you’ve just purchased an Android phone, congratulations. By going Android, you’ve opted for raw functionality over simplicity, for customization over absolute user-friendliness. Android is a powerful platform, but only for those who take full advantage of all its tricks.

To help get you started, here’s a guide to tricking out your Android phone, whether you just bought a Samsung Galaxy S 4, HTC One or a budget Android handset from your local prepaid carrier:


1. Get Some Widgets, Organize Your Home Screen

Widgets are an easy to way to put information and quick commands front-and-center on your phone. Here’s my most recent list of favorites, and here’s another list for good measure. On most newer phones, you can add widgets by going to the main app launcher, then swiping over to the widgets section. Some phones let you add widgets by holding your finger down on a…

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