Samsung Galaxy S IV 5-inch 1080p display goes into production – and more links to check out

Posted: February 8, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Android, Technology
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Frederick's Patch

Okay, the links are:

– Android (operating system) 4.1.2 now available for the US Cellular Electrify M – “A bit of good news has arrived for those using a Motorola Electrify M with US Cellular – an update has been announced. The update is coming as Jelly Bean, specifically, Android 4.1.2 and will be coming over-the-air” – []

– “Jill Brzezinski-Conley, a double mastectomy patient with terminal cancer, hopes her stunning Paris fashion shoot can show others that those with cancer can still feel beautiful and sexy” – [Woman with terminal cancer a model of beauty in Paris photo shoot –]

Chromebook Pixel looks like MacBook Pro to me – “Today’s buzz among Chromebook aficionados and wannabes is a leaked video for a model supposedly being developed by Google with high resolution, touchscreen display — that’s 2560 x 1700, baby” – [

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