Temple Run 2 review – sprinters of the last ark

Posted: January 18, 2013 by Areeb Fazli in Games
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The original Temple Run has been downloaded 170 million times. Of course it helps that it’s free-to-play but it’s still a staggering number, especially for a game we’ve never seen anyone play in public and have never once heard mentioned in conversation. But that’s par for the course in the disposable world of mobile gaming, where downloads become cultural touchstones by osmosis rather than general consensus.

We’re not trying to be snobbish about Temple Run, for not only is it undeniably popular but its success is largely deserved. It’s the progenitor of the endless running (aka auto-running) genre and despite being the product of a husband and wife team, plus an artist, in Washington it has ended up inspiring dozens of other games – including big budget releases such as Activision’s Pitfall reboot, Rayman Jungle Run, and, to a lesser degree, games such as Joe Danger Touch.


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